History of Trident from 1968 through

February 2000

 Trident's keel was laid in 1968 at the Willard Boat Works in Costa Mesa, CA. She was commissioned in 1969 and delivered to her first owner, by truck, in Pittsburgh, PA. In order to be shipped via truck, the boat's height had to be reduced by about 5 feet. The height reduction was accomplished by cutting the top of the pilot house off. This seems like an extreme measure but after the boat was delivered and the pilot house top replaced, Trident was good to go.

 I do not know how long Trident remained in Pennsylvania but she was eventually moved to Florida, I assume on her own bottom. She went through quite a few owners before I bought her in 1998 in the Manatee Pocket near Stuart, FL.  At the time my wife, Rosemary, and I were living aboard a 32' Fales Trawler," Super Trivit",  at Marina Bay in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
 Super Trivit at Marina Bay
Super Trivit at Marina Bay

 We drove up to Manatee Pocket and took a look at Trident on a Saturday morning in October of 1998. We decided on the spot to buy her and returned to Fort Lauderdale to move forward with the purchase. We had to get rid of our current boat so I put Super Trivit  up for sale via the Internet but didn't ask enough for her.  Within hours of advertising, I had a phone call from a potential buyer and we made arrangements for the buyer to drive down from North Carolina and see Super Trivit on Wednesday.

The potential buyer arrived Tuesday evening and we agreed to to a survey and sea trial the next day. The sea trial and survey were positive and Super Trivit was sold that afternoon. We didn't have a place to live!

We rented a storage unit and took everything off Super Trivit and rented a floating motel room at Marina Bay. We lived in the floating motel room for a couple of weeks while the purchasing of Trident was completed.

The day finally arrived when I received a call from the current owner that all was ready. The next morning, early, we drove up to Manatee Pocket and took possession of our new boat, Trident. That day was pretty busy so it was late by the time we got underway and headed for Fort Lauderdale. We only made it down to the Lantana Bridge that day and anchored just south of the bridge. That was on October 28, 1998.

 The next day, we made to Fort Lauderdale and into  our slip in Marina Bay where Trident was berthed until March of 2000. During the time at Marina Bay many side trips were taken; once  to the Bahamas, and to the FL Keys on many occasions.
Trident at Marina Bay
Trident at Marina Bay

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